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We belong to a respectable family!

We are no longer just a small startup. Our company is certainly no toddler on the golf market, but rather - in the words of our CEO - an experienced, attractive man in his late thirties. We are a company that is thriving and is constantly strengthening its position throughout Europe. Nevertheless, we have kept the vibe of a startup. How? We are team of young people who think ahead, like new challenges, help each other and never spoil the fun.

About us

We protect your equipment

Golf equipment is not cheap! If something happens, can you afford to buy new golf clubs or a new trolley?

We cover all your unexpected expenses!

Golf insurance for the game covers your Hole in One expenses, unused tournament fee or paid golf club membership fees!

What if you get into trouble?

Don't wait for it to happen. With the golf liability insurance you can golf with peace in your mind!

We are constantly growing and expanding our scope.

Our home is wherever golf is played. Golf is not only a sport, it is a passion! Through our specialised golf insurance, we provide the opportunity for all European passionate amateur and professional golfers to play carefreely. We trust our own instincts, play fair, speak in clear terms, adapt to our customers and continuously improve our products.

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We like to create innovative golf products.

Our goal is to change golfing life for the better! Uniqueness, technological advancement and originality clearly identify us throughout the entire golf industry. An integral part of our large family not only includes insurance, but newly also a price comparator and remote interactive touch payment terminals.

Golf Insurance

Nowadays every golfer needs specialised golf insurance. Choose a tailor-made option and reduce the risk of something happening to zero!

Touch terminals

Increase your sales of your own business! Our terminals are capable of selling products, processing payments, booking everything that comes to your mind and also displaying your advertisement throughout EU.


Price comparator

Every golfer wants to buy his golf equipment as cheaply as possible and from a verified e-shop. We compare over 1.000 e-shops across Europe. The choice is up to you!

What We Do

We believe in strong partnerships

We continue to actively expand our network of business partners. If you operate a golf course, e-shop, golf club, travel agency, are a tournament organiser, broker, influencer, website or blog owner, or if you have anything to do with golf, feel free to let us know.

Highest commissions

Thousands of partners

Unlimited earnings

Commissions every month


Word from our CEO

Dear customers and business partners, welcome to our website. We do everything possible each day to make you feel that you are in good, honest and fair company. Golf has been my life-long passion and adventure. I am very proud to be on the cusp of development of new financial products and innovative solutions that give our customers a feeling of peace and security.

I dare to say that we have successfully fulfilled this feeling in providing our services. We have a lot of work behind us and have come a long way. It is precisely because of an ever-increasing demand that we can continue to improve our products and test new procedures, solutions and technologies. We are all very pleased to be able to provide innovative products across the entire golf industry.

I trust you will happily reminisce about the first day of our cooperation or the use of our products.

On behalf of the whole company, Yours sincerely

Petr Venclík


We are here for you!

Petr Venclík

Petr Venclík


Petr Venclík

Daniela Grundelová


Petr Venclík

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